Intro to Computer Science with Web Applications


Web Site Requirements:

Web Site due Friday, March 18

Web Site Requirements (docx)  (pdf)

Peer Review (docx)   (pdf) Due Mon, Mar 21

Creating Text Files:

  • CreatingTextFiles (docx)  (pdf)
  • Notepad++: Editor for the PC Link
    Note: Download the installer
  • Text Wrangler: Editor for the MAC Link

Script for swapping css (stylesheets):

Hex Color Charts

Class Homeworks

  1. Homework 1
    (docx)   (pdf) Due Sunday, Feb 21 at midnight
  2. Homework 2
    (docx)  (pdf) Due Sunday Feb 28 at midnight
  3. Homework 3
    (docx)   (pdf) Due Sunday Mar 6 at midnight
  4. Homework 4
    (docx)   (pdf) Due Sunday Mar 13 at midnight
  5. JavaScript Hands-on (Due Sunday, 4/10)
    (docx)   (pdf)
  6. JavaScript Hands-on 2 (Due Sunday, 4/17)
    (docx)   (pdf)

HTML Tutorial:

CSS Tutorial:

JavaScript Tutorial:

Online JavaScript References:

  • W3C, The World Wide Web Consortium. This is where browser standards are set and is the definitive guide to what will work and what won't.
  • Mozilla, For looking things up
  • Code Academy, Online lessons
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