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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2007

T/Th 2:00–3:15                    Smith 202



Course Description
This course is an introduction to to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will survey the basic, fundamental approaches and techniques that underlie modern AI applications with an emphasis on symbolic AI, including search, knowledge representation, planning, reasoning with uncertainty, and learning. We fit these topics together with a single unifying theme: that AI is the study of how to construct intelligent agents-- computer programs that act rationally within some environment to solve problems. Different environments require different approaches.


Prof. Keith Decker

444 Smith Hall

Office Hours: T/Th 3:30pm–4:30pm

Phone: 831-1959

Email: decker@cis.udel.edu [best way to reach me!]


HW1 Due Feb 22  [soln]

HW2 Due Mar 6  [soln]

HW3 Due Mar 22  [soln]

HW4 Due Apr 12  [soln]

HW5 Due May 3  [soln]

Prog0 [lisp] [p0] DUE Feb 15 [soln]
Prog1 Due March 8 [soln]

Prog2 Due April 17

Prog3 Due May 15

Yun Xiao

Smith Hall 102  [831-3132]

[Monday 12:30-2:30pm]



Artificial Intelligence:

A Modern Approach, 2e

by Russel & Norvig