Programming Contests

The Association for Computing Machinery, ACM, is the primary society for computer science professionals in industry, academia, and government. Each fall ACM holds regional programming contests around the world. The top few teams from each region then participate in an international finals competition, usually in February. This is the premier programming contest in the world. Our region, the Mid-Atlantic, is one of the largest and the regional contest is held simultaneously at several sites. The contest itself is a one day, all day affair, on Saturday, November 5, 2016. The contest proper is a 5 hour period of intense programming in which teams of three are given one computer and attempt to solve as many as possible as fast as possible from a set of about 8 programming problems.

Delaware normally fields one or two teams, and they have done very well in the past. Several teams have gone on to the international finals, and a '95-'96 team ranked 7th in the world. If you like a challenge and would like to hone your programming skills, join an organizational meeting, Thursday, Sept 15, at 4pm in 102A Smith Hall. If you can't make it to that meeting, please show your interest by email to Prof. Saunders,, before Sept 15. We envision participating in a warmup contest on Sept 24 and weekly practice sessions leading up to the Nov 5 main event.

Annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests (and others)