Faculty Members

  • Cecilia Arighi: research area details coming soon
  • Sandy Carberry: natural language understanding, response generation, user modelling, dialogue systems, summarization, digital libraries, intelligent interfaces, plan recognition
  • Kathy McCoy: rehabilitation engineering, intelligent tutoring systems,natural language processing, text generation, discourse phenomena, sentence generation, computer-aided language learning
  • Natalia Petrova: research area details coming soon
  • Lori Pollock: compiler optimization, software testing, program analysis for software tool automation, parallel computing
  • Michela Taufer: distributed and parallel systems; adaptive and distributed scientific applications; grid and volunteer computing; distributed databases; workload characterization and performance prediction in HPC systems and applications
  • Cathy Wu: research area details coming soon

Graduate Members

Undergraduate Members

  • Deepthi Andi
  • Haley Boyd
  • Dana Corasaniti
  • Maryellen Davis
  • Carrie Lynn Eisenhauer-Copen
  • Alex Hahn
  • Sana Malik
  • Anne Martin

Members: Contact us (cisters if you want to change or add your information on this page.

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