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Permanent Address: School Address:
232 Nollyn Dr.
Dallastown, PA 17313

(717) 244-7732

2704 Waters Edge Dr
Newark, DE 19702

(302) 369-9222



University of Delaware
Ph.D. Candidate
Advisor: Lori Pollock

Duke University - 2000 NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Durham, NC
M.S., Computer Science, May 2004


Institution: Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA
Graduated: May 1999
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics
GPA: 3.97 / 3.90 / 3.93
Class Rank: 8/477
Honors: Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa,
Department honors in Computer Science and Mathematics,
Dean's Honor List, Presidential Scholar

Work Experience

  • Research Assistant - June 2005-present. Working under the direction of Lori Pollock on strategies for automating failure detection for web application testing.
  • Web Presence Consultant - August 2004-present. York Software, Inc. Develop and maintain the Web presence of York Software, Inc., a company that develops Xtensions for QuarkXPress.
  • Software Engineer Intern - Extreme Blue - Summer 2003. IBM Cambridge, MA. Project: Mobile Moscow.
  • Co-op Pre-Professional Programmer - working with Dr. Khalil Amiri at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in the Server and Enterprise Networking Department on a self-managing dynamic edge data cache during Summer 2002.
  • Dawson's Creek extra - played a student in two scenes of the WB's Dawson's Creek on July 25, 2001.
  • Tivoli Intern - worked with Dr. Jim Jennings and Esther Burwell at Tivoli, a subsidiary of IBM, during Summer 2000. I helped to design and implement a prototype for an on-line front end to their Device Management product. The new front-end primarly uses Java servlet technology.
  • Co-op Pre-Professional Programmer - worked with Dr. Mark Chu-Carroll at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center during Summer 1999. I helped to implement the client side of a distributed, collaborative programming environment in Java.
  • Summer Research Assistant - worked with Professor Lori Pollock from the University of Delaware with the CRA Distributed Mentors Project on static slicing techniques for MPI-style programs in 1998.
  • Summer Research Assistant - worked with Professor Rod Tosten and Professor Carl Leinbach on parallel and distributed processing programs, primarily programming in JavaRMI, 1997.
  • Editorial Board of The Gettysburgian
    Editor-in-Chief (1998), Senior Editor (S99), Managing Editor(F97), Sports Editor (F96-S97)
    - used PageMaker for layout and PhotoShop for scanning and editing photos on the MacOS environment for the weekly newspaper. I organized writers, editors, and business staff, helped to manage fiscal obligations, met with college administration, and recruited staff, while also being involved in the creative development of the newspaper.
  • Correspondent for The York Daily Record: - wrote game stories and feature articles, 1995-1996.

Published Papers

Link to Search My Publications

  • "Automated Replay and Fault Detection for Web Applications," Sara Sprenkle, Emily Gibson, Sreedevi Sampath, and Lori Pollock. 20th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), November 2005.
  • "An Empirical Comparison of Test Suite Reduction Techniques for User-session-based Testing of Web Applications." Sara Sprenkle, Sreedevi Sampath, Emily Gibson, Lori Pollock, and Amie Souter. International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM05), IEEE, September 2005. (pdf)
  • "Analyzing Clusters of Web Application User Sessions," Sreedevi Sampath, Sara Sprenkle, Emily Gibson, Lori Pollock, and Amie Souter, Workshop on Dynamic Analysis (WODA), co-located with International Conference on Software Engineering, May 2005. (pdf)
  • "Exploiting Templates to Scale Consistency Maintenance in Edge Database Caches," Khaili Amiri, Sara Sprenkle, Renu Tewari and Sriram Padmanabhan, in proceedings of the International Workshop on Web Caching and Content Distribution, Sep-Oct, 2003. (pdf)
  • "Dynamic Virtual Clusters in a Grid Site Manager," Jeffrey S. Chase, David E. Irwin, Laura E. Grit, Justin D. Moore, and Sara Sprenkle, in proceedings of the International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing, HPDC 2003, June 2003. (pdf)
  • "Coven: Brewing Better Collaboration through Software Configuration Management," Mark C. Chu-Carroll and Sara Sprenkle, in proceedings of FSE 2000, November 2000. (pdf)
  • "Software Configuration Management as a Mechanism for Multidimensional Separation of Concerns," Mark C. Chu-Carroll and Sara Sprenkle, at the 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE2000) workshop on multidimensional separation of concerns, Limerick, Ireland. (pdf)
  • "Program Flow Graph Construction for Static Analysis of MPI Programs", Dale Shires, Lori Pollock, and Sara Sprenkle, PDPTA '99, June 1999.
  • "Using Java Remote Method Invocation in a Parallel and Distributed Processing Course", Rod Tosten, et. al, PDPTA '99, June 1999.
  • "Investigating JavaRMI for a Computer Science Curriculum", Proceedings of the 14th annual ESCCC (Eastern Small Colleges Computing Conference) October 1998

Awards and Honors

  • Lauri Pfeffer Shinn Memorial Award - awarded May 2006 to one undergraduate and one graduate woman in recognition of academic success and contribution to the department by the University of Delaware Department of Computer and Information Sciences
  • University of Delaware Department of Computer and Information Sciences Graduate TA Award - awarded May 2005
  • Duke University Department of Computer Science Service Award - awarded May 2000, 2002, and 2003
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient - awarded March 2000
  • Senior Scholarship Prize in Computer Science - awarded May 22, 1999 to an outstanding major in Computer Science; co-winner James H. Booth
  • Phi Beta Kappa member - inducted April 16, 1999
  • Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities - selected in 1999
  • Gettysburg College Presidential Scholar (1995-1999)
  • Dean's Honor List (1995-1999)
  • Earl Kresge Stock Writing Prize in the Sciences - awarded for a report submitted to the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, with co-authors Andy Danner and Jay Henniger (October 30, 1998)
  • Rev. George N. (1899) and M. Naomi Lauffer (1898) Scholarship Award - awarded to a rising junior for scholarship, character, and ability (October 3, 1997)
  • Paul Mugabi Problem Solving Award - awarded yearly for best performance in a monthly Mathematics & Computer Science department competition for 1996-1997, 1997-1998 (co-winners Andy Danner and Jason G. Smith), 1998-1999 (co-winner Andy Danner).
  • Silent Leader Award - earned in February 1998 from Gettysburg College for my campus leadership, in both academic and extracurricular activities.
  • 1996 Benjamin Fine Awards for Outstanding Education Reporting - earned as a correspondent with The York Daily Record from NASSP

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