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CISC 879 Parallel Computation, Spring, 2003

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      Syllabus       The Ian Foster online.    table of contents.       The Pacheco texbook web page.       The MPI Reference Manual.       (old draft) MPI Manual including dated local info.
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This page contains a brief summary of each class topic and the associated reading and homework assignments. This page morphs frequently, being updated at least weekly. Reload to avoid being shown a stale version from your browser cache. Most recent items are at the top. Last updated May 15 .

  • Thu May 22, 2:00-4:00pm, in Smith 102a, project presentations

  • Thu May 15, 7:00pm

  • Thu May 8, 7:00pm

  • Thu May 1, 7:00pm

  • Thu Apr 24, 7:00pm

  • Thu Apr 17, 7:00pm

  • Thu Apr 10, 7:00pm

  • Thu Mar 27, 7:00pm

  • Thu Mar 20, 7:00pm No class.

  • Thu Mar 13, 7:00pm
    From now on see homework exercise list for assignments. No more duplicate links on this pg next to the lecture notice.

  • Thu Mar 06, 7:00pm in 308 Gore Hall

  • Thu Feb 27, 7:00pm in 308 Gore Hall

  • Thu Feb 20, 7:00pm in Smith 220.

  • Thu Feb 13, 8:00am

  • Tue Feb 11: Hello, grid circuit model. Reading: Foster chapter 1.