Research Staff Member

IBM Research - Almaden

650 Harry Road

San Jose, CA 95120

Email: pengyuan [AT]


Dr. Pengyuan Li is a Research Staff Member from IBM Almaden Research Center. He has developed algorithms and web applications for enabling computer-aid diagnosis and for supporting the biocuration community. His work has been published at top conferences and journals, such as Bioinformatics, JAMIA, IEEE JBHI, ISMB/ECCB, and CIKM. Dr. Li has served as a program committee member for conferences, such as SIGKDD, and as a reviewer for journals such as Bioinformatics. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of California Los Angeles, the University of British Columbia, and Tongji University for discovering and developing new ideas with researchers from various backgrounds. Dr. Li obtained his Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Delaware, supervised by Prof. Hagit Shatkay.

Pengyuan's research interests lie in Text and Image Mining, Machine Learning and BioMedical Informatics.


  • 02/2023: Pengyuan joined the Data Science Institute @ University of Delaware as an adjunct faculty
  • 07/2021: Pengyuan joined the IBM Almaden Research center as a Research Staff Member
  • 04/2021: A paper got accepted to ISMB/ECCB2021
  • 04/2021: Recieved Frank A. Pehrson Graduate Student Award from University of Delaware
  • 04/2020: Recieved Fellowship from Univeristy of Delaware
  • 09/2019: Had summer intern at IBM Research – Almaden
  • 04/2019: A paper got accepted to Bioinformatics
  • 08/2018: A paper got accepted to CIKM 2018
  • 05/2018: Visited at Robotics and Control Lab, UBC for the Summer. Worked with Prof. Abolmaesumi
  • 10/2017: A paper got accepted to Bioinformatics
  • 09/2017: Recieved Student Travel Grant from CLEF2017
  • 06/2017: A paper got accepted to CLEF2017(Best of Lab paper)