James Kolodzey
Charles Black Evans Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Delaware
140 Evans Hall
Newark, DE 19716-3130
Phone: (302) 831-1164
Fax: 302 831 4316
E-mail: kolodzey@ee.udel.edu
Web : http://www.ece.udel.edu/~kolodzey
Prof. Kolodzey's research interests lie on the characteristics and limitations of nanoelectronic devices that operate at high speeds, and that combine different material systems, including the biological. Using the techniques of molecular beam epitaxy, and chemical vapor deposition, he is investigating new alloys of silicon and silicon carbide with carbon and germanium, and the device implications of their heterostructures. He is making solar cells from silicon germanium materials for their lower cost and compatibility with integrated circuit technology, and he is exploring the influence of quantum dots to improve solar cell efficiency. He found that when DNA is deposited onto the active regions of transistors, it can systematically alter their operation. Recently he discovered a new family of devices that emit power in the far infrared, or Terahertz frequency range. The Terahertz emitting devices are more efficient than previous devices and are being investigated and optimized for applications in transmission imaging through solid objects, for the identification of materials, and for the medical diagnostics and cancer research. He has begun to investigate the high frequency behavior of devices that are based on the motion of spin-polarized electrons. Current Projects: Electrical and optical nanodevices using MBE and CVD, Terahertz frequency sources and detectors, Silicon germanium photovoltaic cells, Alternative gate dielectrics for CMOS Bioelectronic devices, and Spintronic devices.