CISC 879 - Technology Start-ups

Professor John Cavazos
Class Time Tuesdays, 6pm-9pm
Room Gore Hall 222
Office Hours by appointment
Course Number CISC 879
Required Book Running Lean
Lecture   Slides  
8/29 Lecture 1

Course Overview

Running Lean (Chapter 1) 

Slides (PDF)
9/5 Lecture 2

Create Your Lean Canvas (Chapter 3) Book chapters 1-3 :PDF here

Slides (PDF)
9/12 Lecture 3

Analysis of Various Pitch Decks: here

Cyber 20/20 Pitch Deck Walk-through (PDF)

Slides (PDF)
9/19 Class Cancelled 
9/26 Lecture 4 : Prioritize Where to Start (Chapter 4)   Slides (PDF)
10/3 Lecture 5 : Know Your Customer (Problem/Solution Interviews)

Guest Speaker: John Currie 

Slides (PDF)
10/10 Lecture 6 : Getting Ready to Interview & The Problem Interview

How to Give a Good Talk? (PDF)

Slides (PDF)
10/17 Lecture 7 : Minimum Viable Product Slides (PDF)
10/24 Lecture 8 : The Solution Interview Slides (PDF)
10/31 Lecture 9 : Get to Release 1.0 Slides (PDF)
11/07 Lecture 10 : Get Ready to Measure & The MVP Interview Slides (PDF)
11/14 Lecture 11 : Validate Customer Lifecycle Slides (PDF)
11/28 Lecture 12 : Don't Be a Feature Pusher Slides (PDF)
12/05 Lecture 13 : Measure Product/Market Fit Slides (PDF)


Class Resources:

Startup Presentation Information

Lean Canvas Template (PPTX)

Note: You should rename this file by replacing "teamname" with your Start-up's name. Fill in the slide with the iteration number and date of your current lean canvas. Any hypothesis that have been validated from the previous week should be colored green and any hypothesis that are invalidated should be struck out.

Student Presentation Information

Note: You should find a paper on a topic related to the technology related to your start-up. Send me an email with the title of a paper you will present at least a week before you present so that no two people present the same paper!

Template for Talks

You can find papers related to your start-up at the following locations.

ACM Digital Library (Search for Machine Learning, Big Data, Visualization, Chatbots, Cybersecurity)
Google Scholar (Search for Machine Learning, Big Data, Visualization, Chatbots, Cybersecurity)

This course material is Copyright (C) 2015 by John Cavazos and may not be used without prior written permission.