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Latest Info page, CISC 320 Algorithms, Fall, 2010

This page contains a brief summary of each class topic and the associated reading. This page morphs frequently, being updated at least weekly. You may need to reload it at each viewing to avoid being shown a stale version from your browser cache. Most recent items are at the top. Last updated Dec 3, 2010.

A resource: Skiena's slides
Future: Brief predictions of class topics to be covered.

Tue, Dec 14 10:30AM-12:30PM Final Exam in PRS114 (our classroom).

Tue, Dec 7

Past: Brief summaries of class topics covered in reverse chronological order.

Thu, Dec 2

Tue, Nov 30

Tue, Nov 23

Thu, Nov 18

Tue, Nov 16

Thu, Nov 11

Thu, Nov 9

Tue, Nov 2 Election day, no class.

Thu, Nov 4

Tue, Nov 2 Election day, no class.

Thu, Oct 28

Tue, Oct 26

Thu, Oct 21

Tue, Oct 19

Thu, Oct 14

Tue, Oct 12

Thu, Oct 7

Tue, Oct 5

Thu, Sep 30

Tue, Sep 28

Tue, Sep 21 and Thu, Sep 23

Tue, Sep 14 and Thu, Sep 16    

Thu, Sep 9    

Tue, Sep 7    

Thu, Sep 2    

Tue, Aug 31    

Some useful links: The Standard Template Library. The STL Documentation at SGI.