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Electrical Circuits I.

This course is one of the foundation courses of EE undergraduate program at University of Los Andes. It covers basic concepts and methods to analyze electrical network powered by dc and ac sources. Furthermore, the most relevant network theorems including superposition, Thévenin´s, Norton´s, Millman's, maximum power transfer, among others are studied in details. First order circuits (RC and RL) and polyphase systems are also studied.
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Measurement Fundamentals

In this course, the basic principles of measurement of electrical variables like voltage, current, resistance, power, impedance, etc. are covered. The design and characterization of measuring instruments, the selection of measuring instruments according to their specifications and the appropriate use of measuring instruments are studied in details. This course is jointly tough with the Lab. of Foundations of the Measurements where the student is exposed to practical experiences in the measurement of electrical variables through the assembly of simple electrical circuits.
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Digital Signal Processing

This is a first year graduate course for the Biomedical Engineering program and for the Telecommunications program. This course is concerned with the analysis and design of system for processing deterministic discrete-time signal. It covers representation of discrete-time signal and linear time invariant system in time and frequency domains, Z-transform, filter classification and filter design. This course is a computer-based course where the student applies DSP techniques to their own applications.
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Advanced Digital Signal Processing

A second year graduate course that covers emerging topics on signal and image processing. Sparse signal representation, compressive sensing, dictionary learning, adaptive filter theory, robust and nonlinear filtering, time-frequency analysis are just a few examples of the topics that are developed on this course.
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