We found a shop close by (Wilmington, DE) with a DynoJet Chassis dyno. They are a BMW shop but have no problem renting their dyno out to others. http://www.europeanracing.com

Once the Weather turns better, we will grab 1/2-hour of dyno tests on the existing motor (ZZ4-TPI w/ HOT cam). After the AFR190 head swap, we will head back on the dyno for a comparison.

Maryland State Emissions check, same day as dyno run

Dyno Runs, Base line info - 010202

Photos , Base line test trip - 010202

Photos , MiniRAM installation for testing - 010218

MiniRam Dyno Runs, Compare MR to HiFlow TPI - 010302

AFR190 Heads Dyno Runs, Compare AlumL98 to AFR190 heads - 010413

Semi-siamesed TPI Base Dyno Runs, Compare ported Edelbrock TPI base to same base with ports siamesed together. Porting Link

Vigilante2800 Dyno , Compare Vigilante2800 to my previously 'loosened' 1800-1900 rpm stall stock converter.

Holley StealthRam Dyno , Compare HSR to my previous Semi-siamsed TPI intake.

Holley EFI Singleplane Dyno , Compare EFI Singleplane intake to the HSR intake.

TPIS MiniRam Dyno , Compare HSR (350cid) with a MiniRam (383cid)

MiniRam vs Holley Stealthram , Compare HSR with a MiniRam

MiniRam 427sbc , MiniRam intake on a 427sbc

MiniRam 427sbc/T56 , 427sbc with T56 and Longtubes

MiniRam 427sbc/T56/12bolt , 427sbc with T56, Longtubes, and new Moser 12bolt rear