The High-Flo TPI intake has larger runner (round) and intake (rectangular) ports than the stock TPI intake base. Some measurements are:

Stock Base runner ports =           39mm diameter (1195 sq m m)
Stock Base intake ports =           29mm X 44mm (w X h) (1276 sq mm)

Edelbrock Base runner ports =           41mm diameter (1320 sq mm)
Edelbrock intake ports =           29 X 48mm (w X h) (1392 sq mm)
ZZ4 (Vette L98) intake ports =           31mm X 49mm (w X h) (1519 sq mm)

See link on porting of Base for important hints/info for aftermarket TPI bases, and the edelbrock specifically..
Click on any image below for an enlargement (~500K) image.

Front View

Rear View

Side View

Dual-drilled centerbolt holes

Original intake runner port size

Original intake port size - Width

Original intake port size - Height

Original intake port size - Length

Intake Installed on Engine:

Installed on Engine

Installed on Engine

Installed on Engine

Installed on Engine