The High-Flo TPI intake has larger runner (round) and intake (rectangular) ports than the stock TPI intake base, BUT still can be ported for larger/better air flow. Casting bumps, etc. should be removed. Some measurements are:

Stock Base runner ports =           39mm diameter (1195 sq mm) (1.470", 1.697 sq in ) *Measured
Stock Base intake ports =           29mm X 44mm (w X h) (1276 sq mm) (1.73"x1.15", 1.986 sq in ) *Measured

Edelbrock Base runner ports =           41mm diameter (1320 sq mm) (1.609", 2.033 sq in) *Measured
Edelbrock intake ports =           29mm X 48mm (w X h) (1392 sq mm) (1.883"x1.13", 2.138 sq in) *Measured

Ported Edelbrock Base runner ports =           45mm diameter (1590 sq mm) (1.757", 2.425 sq in) *Measured
Ported Edelbrock intake ports =           32mm X 52mm (w X h) (1664 sq mm) (1.26x2.05", 2.583 sq in) *Measured

ZZ4 (Vette L98) intake ports =           31mm X 49mm (w X h) (1519 sq mm) (1.220"x1.929", 2.353 sq in) *Measured

The Edelbrock base has some "gotcha"s that you should be aware of...

One is that some of the runner bolt-holes have been known to penetrate the water jacket. Its best to check your install with a water-filled coolant system before installing the runners. Use a quality thread-sealant on any bolts that are used in these "leaky" bolt-holes..

Second, the intake has many options for use on various F-bodys and Vettes.. You will have to block off one of the two EGR ports, depending on your application. Use a high-temp gasket maker to seal the unused EGR port blockoff plate.

Finally, there is a sensor port back near the distributor hole that is also into the water-jacket. Fbodys don't use this port and it must be blocked off with a 3/8"x24 NPT plug and sealant.

Both the vette EGR block off and the 3/8 NPT sensor hole can be seen in here

Click on any image below for an enlargement (~500K) image.

Unported Runner Port Close View (Casting bumps)

Unported Runner Port Measured View

Unported Head port Close View (Casting bumps)

Unported Head port Width Measured

Unported Head port Height Measured

Ported Runner Port Close View

Ported Runner Port View 1

Ported Runner Port View 2

Gasket Intake port Height Measured

Gasket Intake port Width Measured

Ported Head port Width Measured

Ported Head port Height Measured

Ported Head port vs Unported neighbor

Fully Ported Head ports

View 1 thru ported base

View 2 thru ported base

Tools used for porting base (All Wood-use)

Closeup of Grinding tool

Measured Diameter of sanding-drum tool

View of sanding-drum inside intake