Computational Imaging and Data Science Group

Dr. Gonzalo Arce’s fields of interest include computational imaging and spectroscopy, data science and machine learning for the analysis and processing of massive data. His active fields of research are:

• Compressive sensing     • Imaging Spectroscopy   • Computational Imaging  
• Computational Lithography   • Spectral and Compton X-Ray coded aperture tomography   • Graph and Hypergraph Neural Networks and Deep Learning  

Curriculum Vitae

Short CV     • Detailed CV      


Dr. Gonzalo Arce teaches ELEG/FSAN 815 Analytics I: Statistical Learning, ELEG 404/604 Digital Imaging and Photography, ELEG 833 Nonlinear Signal Processing, ELEG 636 Statistical Signal Processing, and ELEG 867 Compressive Sensing and Sparse Signal Representation.

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The computational imaging and data science group, lead by Dr. Arce, draws from expertise in optical physics, signal processing and computer science

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Experimental Laboratories

The Computational Imaging and Data Science group has developed 2 experimental laboratories: an optics laboratory for multi-modal imaging and spectroscopy and an X-ray imaging testing facility for compressive tomography.

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Research Projects

Our research covers time of flight multispectral imaging, compressive spectral imaging, computational litography, large scale data science, nonlinear signal processing and electronic printing.

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The College of Engineering at the University of Delaware (UD) has had a 15 year tradition of attracting bright engineering students from across Colombia into its various graduate and doctorate programs of study through dual degrees, internships and the summer research program.

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Dr. Gonzalo Arce is the author of Computational Lithography, Modern Digital Halftoning Ed. 1 and 2, Nonlinear Signal Processing: A Statistical Approach, and Nonlinear Signal Processing: Theory, Methods, and Applications

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