Zhan Yu

Curriculum Vitae

I joined Adobe as a Research Scientist in 12/2013.

Before that, I received my Ph.D. of Computer Science from the University of Delaware and B.S. of Software Engineering from Xiamen University.
My Ph.D. adviser was Prof. Jingyi Yu. My Ph.D. dissertation topic was "Improving the Spatial, Angular, and Temporal Resolution in Light Field Imaging".

Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Computational Photography, Computer Vision

Email: yshmzhan at udel.edu
3D Rendering Engine code named VanGogh
[] Zhan Yu et al.
Adobe Photoshop Mix
[] Zhan Yu et al.
RPG+SLG Game "Legend of Galactic Heroes"
[] Zhan Yu
RPG Chess Game
[] Zhan Yu

Enhancing Light Fields through Ray-Space Stitching
[] Xinqing Guo, Zhan Yu, Sing Bing Kang, Haiting Lin, and Jingyi Yu
Light Field Stereo Matching Using Bilateral Statistics of Surface Cameras
[] Can Chen, Haiting Lin, Zhan Yu, Sing Bing Kang, and Jingyi Yu
A Hybrid Image-CAD Based System for Modeling Realistic Hairstyles
[] Xuan Yu, Zhan Yu, Xiaogang Chen, and Jingyi Yu
Mobile Multi-Flash Photography
[] Xinqing Guo, Jin Sun, Zhan Yu, Haibin Ling, and Jingyi Yu
Stereo Vision based Depth of Field Rendering on a Mobile Device
[] Qiaosong Wang, Zhan Yu, Christopher Rasmussen, and Jingyi Yu
An Immersive Surgery Training System With Live Streaming Capability
[] Yang Yang, Xinqing Guo, Zhan Yu, and Jingyi Yu
Racking Focus and Tracking Focus on Live Video Streams: A Stereo Solution
[] Zhan Yu, Xuan Yu, Christopher Thorpe, Scott Grauer-Gray, Feng Li, and Jingyi Yu
Line Assisted Light Field Triangulation and Stereo Matching
[] Zhan Yu, Xinqing Guo, Haibin Ling, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Jingyi Yu
A Co-Prime Blur Scheme for Data Security in Video Surveillance
[] Christopher Thorpe, Feng Li, Zijia Li, Zhan Yu, David Saunders, and Jingyi Yu
Plenoptic Depth Map in The Case of Occlusions
[] Zhan Yu, Jingyi Yu, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Todor Georgiev
Lytro Camera Technology: Theory, Algorithms, Performance Analysis
[] Todor Georgiev, Zhan Yu, Andrew Lumsdaine, Sergio Goma
A Portable Immersive Surgery Training System using RGB-D Sensors
[] Xinqing Guo, David Lopez, Zhan Yu and Jingyi Yu
An Analysis of Color Demosaicing in Plenoptic Cameras
[] Zhan Yu, Jingyi Yu, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Todor Georgiev
Dynamic Depth of Field on Live Video Streams: A Stereo Solution
[] Zhan Yu, Christopher Thorpe, Xuan Yu, Scott Grauer-Gray, Feng Li, and Jingyi Yu
Online Evolutionary Context-Aware Classifier Ensemble Framework for Object Recognition
[] Zhan Yu, Mi Young Nam, and Phill Kyu Rhee
Facial Landmark Detection System using Interest-region Model and Edge Energy Function
[] Mi Young Nam, Zhan Yu, Gi Han Kim, and Phill Kyu Rhee
Evolutionary Fusion of a Multi-Classifier System for Efficient Face Recognition
[] Zhan Yu, Mi Young Nam, Suman Sedai, and Phill Kyu Rhee

Matlab Implementation of Fourier Slice Photography
[] Zhan Yu
A Brief Overview of DirectX
[] Zhan Yu
Advanced Graphics Effects using Render Monkey
[] Zhan Yu