mustafa zengin university of delaware

Mustafa Zengin

Ph.D. Student in the Computer and Information Sciences Department at University of Delaware
Office:Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval Laboratory (a.k.a Tea House)-100 Elkton Road, Newark, DE

Fall 2013 Office Hours:W 12:00PM-2PM (Smith 103) CISC106 Summer 2014


User Click Detection in Ideal Sessions. M. Zengin, B. Carterette. (CHIIR 2017)

Reformulate or Quit: Predicting User Abandonment in Ideal Sessions. M. Zengin, B. Carterette. (AIRS 2016)

Learning User Preferences for Topically Similar Documents. M. Zengin, B. Carterette. (CIKM 2015)

Dynamic Test Collections for Retrieval Evaluation B. Carterette, A. Bah, M. Zengin. (ICTIR 2015)

User Judgements of Document Similarity. M. Zengin, B. Carterette. SIGIR 2013 Workshop on Modeling User Behavior for Information Retrieval Evaluation (MUBE 2013)

Retrospective Learning of Spatial Invariants During Object Classification by Embodied Autonomous Neural Agents.T.P. Caudell, C.T. Burch, M. Zengin, N. Gauntt, M.J. Healy.(IJCNN 2011)