Summer Storm in Tsinghua University

Fog Locks the Deep Autumn

The Night of Mid Autumn

The Spring Comes Too Early

My Childhood's Gangnam in Spring

Lady Yu

Memorial Spring Again

Walking in the Mid-autumn Night Alone

Childhood Memory

Old Temple with New Words

Westlake Spring Early


Past Memory on the 3rd Day


Turning Point

Newark Late Spring

High School Graduation

Lady Yu II

College Life

Odd Times

High School Graduation Forty Years

Broken Dream

This Winter

Winter Arrives

Deep Winter

LanternDay Night

Month-End Talking

Slow City in March

Outside Suzhou City

Spring Memorial Day

Full House of Tears

Mid April Snow in Chicago


Half Life Gone

Spring Comes to Newark

Empty House

Forty Years Entering College

Past Memory of May 5

Love Glossy Privet

Glossy Privet In Chang An

Upflying Crane

The Lunar July Seventh


Thank God

Smelling May Flower

Remembering the Youth

Boat is locked on a cold river

One Hundred Year Anniversary of Nankai University


Half Moon

Maple Leaves Fly


The Fall Evening Glow



Nanning Trip


The First Snow

My Early Life

The Master

Coming Home


The Year Ends


Chinese New Year Eve

The Simple Life I Want


A Flower

Jordan Remembers Kobe

Remembering Professor Xian-Da Zhang

March 4th

The March 9th of Delaware

The March 11th of UD

The First Day of Class Suspension

Flowering Earlier Than Spring

Cry for New York City

Listening the Raining

Falling Flowers

Staying Home

God's Flower

Staying Home III

Family Tradition

Spring Rain Drops Aromatics

Respect Needed

Fishing Boats

Get Ready

Staying Home IV

Missing Glossy Privet

Staying Home V


Bright Star



Staying Home VII



Lucky Me

Staying Home VIII

Counting Papers

Staying Home IX

Over Thirty Thousand Cases Again

Summer Comes

Raining Season

Hometown Food

Independence Day

Remembering Hometown

Summer of 2020

Homegrown Corn

Autumn Comes


Lunar July Seventh

Five Month Flowering

Half Year Gone

Old Corn Stalk

Nineteen Years of 911

Autumns of Youth


Autumn Garden


Hometown Sick

Old House

The Falling Flower After Half Year

Miss Old House

Falling Leaves

Autumn Raining

Winter Comes

Nice Day


This Year

Staying Home This Year

True Winter Arrives

Snowing in Nanjing

Reading "Poor Girl"

Shen Zhen Snowing

A Bad Dream

The Past

Early Spring in Hometown

School Reunion

Returning Spring


Spring Greens My Yard

Spring Night Thunder

No Title

Hail in Spring

Listening Xun in Late Spring

Du Juan Hua Kai

Remembering the Friend

Early Summer Garden

Young Time

Morning River

No Desire

Coming Down Again

Three Things Different

Cold Summer Days

Back Yard in Early Summer

Summer Drizzle

Remembering Qu Yuan

See You Again

Brood X Cicadas

Hometown Gardenia Blooms


Wet Season

Flat Life

Walking in Forest after Raining

Big and Small

Long Green Beans

Young Professors in China

Fifty Eight

Nanjing in 1983

Summer Garden

Remembering Ying Hui


Summer of 2021

Beginning Autumn of 2021

Gray Rabbit

The Hottest Day

Dongpo and Changzhou

Delicious Autumn

Gangnan Autumn


Twenty Years


Flowering in Mid Autumn

Waiting for the Moon in Mid Autumn

Pumpkin Lonely

Unusual Comes from Usual

Falling Leaves in Autumn

Empty House

Cross Doors

Smell the Best

Smell the Old Land

Lucky Time Coming

Nine Nine

Maple Leaves

Reading Li Yu Again

No Matter How Good Outside Is

Take It Easy

Emailing A Piece of Osmanthus

Sad Autumn

Fallen Leaves

Remembering A Chinese Mathematician

Short Reunion

Self Enjoying

Winter Today

The End of 2021

New Year of 2022

Dreaming Jiang Nan

New Year New Snow

Where Is Hometown

Coldest Days

Passing This Winter

Go Bengals

Tiger Year Day One

Tiger Year Spring Comes

Spring Inside Snow

Red Mansion Dream


Cannot Forget

Mercy and Evil


Sunset in Late Winter

Spring Comes to Campus

Spring Comes

Oscar Awards


2022 Qing Ming

Lock Down

Three Hates in Spring

Writing Papers

Down Zero

Fighting COVID-19


The Past

Five Year Memorial Day

Hold Spring

No Name Flowers

Sun Setting the West

Cold Summer

Rain Falling

Comfortable Mid Summer


Bean Flower


The Year of Twenty Two

Flowers and Fruits

Two Worlds




Near Mid Autumn

Double Celebration Day

Weather of the Mid Autumn

Reading Ms. Jiang Bi Wei

Road Home

Autumn Comes

Hometown Is Gone

Dream Life

Autumn Day

Remembering Toby Berger


Osmanthus Season

Raining Cold

Reading "The Last Days of Ms. Eileen Chang"

Good Autumn Day

A Single Autumn

Falling Leaves

Full Moon on Winter Day

Falling Goose

Space Plan

Lotus in the Cold Rain

Power Outage

The First Snow in Gangnam


It Seems Still Young

Chen Zi Mei

COVID 19 Three Years

Ku and Jiang

College Life Memory

Old Tears

Sending the Tiger Year

The Small Road to Home


Spring in Rabbit Year

Empty Number



Spring Comes in Hometown

Summer Time Comes


Digital Memorial Spring

Be Young Again

Little Town

New Life

Self Fun



Falling Flowers

Summer Comes


Nanshi 40 Years

Peony Flower

The First Paper

Summer Night

2023 Summer Day

Trying New Tea

Back Hot Summer

Seasonal Trip

Horse and Donkey

Wild Peach

Childhood Playing

The Saddest One

Missed You Much

The Youth Shy

Memorial July

Mid Autumn

Autumn River

Autumn Morning

Mountain and Clouds

40 Years to Nankai University

Celebration of Professor Guoding Hu's 100 Year Birthday

Enjoying Your Papers in the Rest of Your Life


Winter Comes

Returning Home

Home Village Is Gone

Double Nine Day

Dreaming ?

Bok Choy

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