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In March 2014, I joined the Medical Informatics Group at Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

manabu.torii at {gmail.com, kp.org}

Manabu Torii
Research assistant professor
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Delaware, Newark, DE

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Dissertation (2005)
Torii, M. "Investigation of Term Classification with Applications to Sortal Anaphora Resolution in the Biology Domain." Thesis, 2005. Advisor: Dr. K. Vijay-Shanker

Selected Publications
Torii, M., Arighi, C., Wang, Q., Wu, C.H., and Vijay-Shanker, K. "Text Mining of Protein Phosphorylation Information Using a Generalizable Rule-Based Approach", ACM BCB 2013 (In print)

Torii, M., Wagholikar, K., Kim, D., Liu, H. "Named Entity Recognition in the MEDLINE Affiliation Field: A Step towards Enhanced Maintenance of Researcher Profile Systems" AMIA CRI, pp.164, 2012. (AMIA Publications)

Torii, M., Wagholikar, K., Liu, H., "Using machine learning for concept extraction on clinical documents from multiple data sources." J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2011; 18:580-587 (PMID 21709161; PMC 3168314)

Wang, J., Torii, M., Liu, H., Hart, G.W., Hu Z.Z., "dbOGAP - an integrated bioinformatics resource for protein O-GlcNAcylation." BMC Bioinformatics. 2011 Apr; 12(91) (PMID 21466708)

Torii, M., Yin, L., Nguyen, T., Mazumdar, C.T., Liu, H., Hartley, D.M., and Nelson, N.P. "An exploratory study of a text classification framework for Internet-based surveillance of emerging epidemics." Int J Med Inform. 2011 Jan; 80(1):56-66. (PMID 21134784)

Torii, M., Hu, Z.Z., Wu, H.T., Liu, H. "BioTagger-GM: a gene/protein name recognition system" J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2009 Mar-Apr; 16(2):247-55. (PMID 19074302)

Torii, M., and Liu, H. "At-least-N voting over biomedical named entity recognition systems." BioLINK 2008. (PDF)

Miller, J, Bloodgood, M., Torii, M., Vijay Shanker, K. "Rapid adaptation of POS tagging for domain specific uses." Poster presentation at the BioNLP Workshop of HLT-NAACL, 2006. (ACL Anthology)

Torii, M. and Vijay-Shanker, K. "Anaphora Resolution of Demonstrative Noun Phrases in Medline Abstracts." In proc. of PACLING 2005. pp.332-339.

Torii, M., Kamboj, S., and Vijay-Shanker, K., "Using name-internal and contextual features to classify biological terms", J Biomed Inform. 2004 Dec;37(6):498-511 (PMID 15542022)

Torii, M., Kamboj, S., and Vijay-Shanker, K., "An Investigation of Various Information Sources for classifying Biological Names", ACL 2003 Workshop on NLP in Biomedicine, pp. 113-120. (ACL Anthology)

Torii, M. and Hagan, M., "Stability of Steepest Descent with Momentum for Quadratic Functions", IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Vol. 13, No. 3, May 2002, pp. 752 -756. (IEEE Xplore; PMID 18244471)

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