Computer and Information Sciences
University of Delaware


Spring 2010

  • Using clustering as a form of reducing the search space, and improving machine learning accuracy in compiler optimizations.

Present Research

  • JikesRVM: Presently working on optimizing the JikesRVM an open source JavaVM, some links on introduction to the VM are posted in the TA links section.

Past Projects

  • Parallelization of sequential algorithms for running on the Cell Broadband Engine processor also used in PS3. (Language Used: C)

  • Neural network implementation of text to phoneme conversion: performed a comparative study of various data mining techniques to explain their effectiveness in the conversion. (Language Used: Core Java)

  • Seamless voice conference between a cell phone and a PC over GPRS(April 2004 - May 2005): Worked with a team of 3 students under a professor, and was responsible for designing and implementing the POC. (Language Used: J2SE and J2ME)