Computer and Information Sciences
University of Delaware


2001 - 2005

As an undergraduate student in Army Institute of Technology, India I worked on projects using Java on mobile phones, like seamless voice access using the networking stack, and remote server administration with a hand-held device. With encouragement and guidance from my then advisor Prof. N. K. Bansode I published two IEEE conference papers, "Redefining Connectivity: Unifying mobile Communication with the Internet" at Consumer Communications Networking Conference - 2006 at Las Vegas and "Device Independent Mobile Application Controller For Remote Administration Of A Server Over A GPRS Link Using a J2ME Cellular Phone" at Indian National Conference INDICON-2004

2005 - 2007

I joined Redknee Inc., a telecommunications company as a software developer in their research and development division. My work here was to develop a small module that interacted with cards that worked on ATM networks. I created some pieces of code that I came to be really proud of, like implementing the state machine that would produce the right ACKs and convey the right information up the stack. Error handling with Java Native Interface exposed me to many areas of the Java Virtual Machine like the memory manager, the threading mechanism and the garbage collector. After working for 2 years, I came back to school to complete my education.

2007 - 2008

In summer I worked as a developer intern in the Licensing team of Microsoft Office on their next version of Office at Redmond. During this internship I had a chance to understand the development and implementation of really large softwares (Microsoft Office has a little above a million files of code at last count). I had a chance to work on the use of Multiple cores for compilation and massive automation that made compiling and managing the source code possible.