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Minor in Computer and Information Sciences

A minor in computer science complements a major in another discipline by giving you a greater depth of appreciation of the inner workings of computer technology, it's possibilities and limitations. The courses in the minor bring you to a practically useful level of skill at computer programming as well. For the specific requirements, see (the end of) the Computer and Information Sciences section of the catalog. Those requirements are repeated here for convenience:

A minor in computer science consists of a total of 15 or more credits including CISC 181, CISC 220, and CISC 280. Students without prior programming experience should take CISC 105 first. Six additional credits of CISC at the 200-level or above should be chosen with the advisor?s approval. Note that the College of Arts and Science requires a grade of C- or better in all courses counted towards a minor.

To apply see Changing Major to CIS and Minoring in CIS.

Bioinformatics for CS majors

Computer science majors interested in Bioinformatics should consider the Computational Biology minor offered by the Biological Sciences Deparment. For the requirements of that minor, see (the end of) the Biological Sciencess section in the catalog.

Minor in Bioinformatics

The minor in Bioinformatics is given by the Department of Computer and Information Sciences and is intended for students who are majoring in the Life Sciences, ie. Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Animal & Food Science, Plant & Soil Science, Marine Biology.

For the specific requirements, see (the end of) the Computer and Information Sciences section in the catalog. Those requirements are repeated here for convenience:

A minor in bioinformatics consists of a total of 21 or more credits in the Life Sciences and Computer and Information Sciences, including BISC 401, ANSC 644, CISC 220, CISC 437, and CHEM 527. A grade of C- or better must be earned in all required courses for the minor.

Besides these required courses, students wishing to minor in Bioinformatics must complete a senior thesis (6 credits), either by registering for UNIV 401 and UNIV 402, or through department sponsored research (e.g., CISC 466, Independent study). One Life Science and one Computer and Information Science faculty member must direct the research. A senior thesis committee must be composed of the two research directors and one additional member chosen in consultation with the two research directors.

Many of these required courses have prerequisites which are summarized below:

  • BISC401 (Molecular Biology of the Cell, 3 credits)
    1. Prerequisites: BISC207 and one semester of organic chemistry.
    2. Prerequisites: CHEM103 and CHEM104
  • ANSC644 (Bioinformatics, 3 credits)
    1. No Prerequisites
  • CISC220 (Data Structures, 3 credits)
    1. Prerequisites: CISC181 or (CISC120 and CISC105). CISC105 and then CISC181 is stongly suggested to those with no prior programming experience.
    2. Prerequisites (for the purpose of this minor): MATH210=20
  • CISC437 (Database Systems, 3 credits)
    1. Prerequisites: CISC220
  • CHEM527 (Introductory Biochemistry, 3 credits)
    1. Prerequisites: CHEM321 & CHEM322 (Organic Chemistry)
    2. Prerequisites: CHEM103 & CHEM104 (General Chemistry)
  • Senior Thesis (6 credits)


The principal criterion for selection is academic performance --- in general, and especially in CISC and MATH courses. All applicants must have completed CISC courses up to and including CISC 181 and must have completed MATH 210, BISC207, CHEM103, and CHEM104. Also see Changing Major to CIS and Minoring in CIS.


To have a good chance of being admitted, you should have a B- or better in each of your CISC, MATH, and minor-related life science courses taken so far, and an overall GPA above 2.5. With lower grades and extenuating circumstances (please describe in a letter with your application), it may still be possible to be admitted.


Students may reapply after improving their grades. Note however that students with CISC majors and minors get precedence for seats in CISC courses so unsuccessful applicants should reapply promptly.

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