CISC 367 Rapid Prototyping

Course meets 7-10pm Thursdays, in 051 McKinley.

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CISC 367-010 TPCS: Programming Practicum: Rapid Prototyping
Credits: 01
Programming projects typically need teams of programmers to rapidly develop proof-of-concept working implementations. Using ACM International Programming Contest problems as examples, we hone the skills of the programmer's craft. The course is a 3 hour weekly lab without additional work time.
Prerequisites: CISC220

Master of Ceremonies: David Saunders
Coder in Chief: Ben Breech


Handout on the Standard Template Library.

Some useful links:

  • The STL Documentation at SGI.
  • The The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup.
  • The STL Tutorial and Reference Guide by Musser, Derge, and Saini.

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