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CISC 320 Algorithms and Advanced Programming

Latest Info page, Fall, 2002

Some useful links:
The GT Textbook web page. The Standard Template Library. The STL Documentation at SGI.

This page contains a brief summary of each class topic and the associated reading and homework assignments. For other course information see the syllabus. This page morphs frequently, being updated at least weekly. You may need to reload it at each viewing to avoid being shown a stale version from your browser cache. Most recent items are at the top. Last updated Dec 13, 2002.


  • Wed, Dec 18, 1:00pm to 3:00pm Final exam Final exam will cover the last 2/3rds of the course material.
  • Answers to hw4 last 3 problems

  • Tue, Dec 10: Some polynomial time reductions, course wrap up.
    exam review info.

  • Thu, Dec 5: P and NP, Cook's theorem, NP-completeness

  • Tue, Dec 3: Some really hard problems
    Reading assignment: GT chapter 13.

  • Tue, Nov 26: Some computational geometry. Convex hull via gift wrapping and via Graham scan.
    Reading assignment: GT section 12.5. Homework 3 is due today.
    Homework assignment: problem set #4

  • Thu, Nov 21: Substring search. Boyer-Moore and Knuth-Morris-Pratt
    Reading assignment: GT section 9.1.

  • Tue, Nov 19: more FFT

  • Thu, Nov 14: Exponentiation and inverse mod n.
    Homework assignment: problem set #3

  • Tue, Nov 12: Fast Fourier Transform
    Reading assignment: GT section 10.4.

  • Thu, Nov 7: RSA Cryptography and integer algorithms.
    Reading assignment: GT section 10.2, RSA script for maple, and it's output.

  • Thu, Oct 31: Cryptography intro.
    Reading assignment: GT section 10.1.
    Homework 2 is due today.

  • Tue, Oct 29: Memoization (Dynamic Programming)
    Reading assignment: GT sections 5.1, 5.3.
    Handout: football score program and memoized version.

  • Thu, Oct 24: Strassen's algorithm (D&C, yet again). Matrix chains, and other dynamic programming problems.
    Reading assignment: GT sections 5.2.

  • Tue, Oct 22: Divide and Conquer & Dynamic Programming. Karatsuba's algorithm.
    Reading assignment: GT sections 5.2, 5.3.

  • Thu, Oct 17: Hash tables.
    Reading assignment: GT sections 2.5.
    Homework assignment: problem set #2 (due Oct 31).

  • Tue, Oct 15: First Midterm Exam

  • Thu, Oct 10: Selection and review
    Reading assignment: GT section 4.7.2.
    Handout: Midterm guide.
    Slide: randomizedSelect.h

  • Tue, Oct 8: 2-4 trees and red-black trees.
    Reading assignment: GT section 3.1, 3.3.
    Slides: rbt.h, sample rbt use.

  • Thu, Oct 3: Finish Union-find and intro to the C++ standard library presentation of the dictionary (pg 115) and ordered dictionary (pg 141) ADTs as hash-maps and maps respectively.

  • Tue, Oct 1: Union-find
    Reading assignment: GT section 4.2.
    HW#1 due today.

  • Thu, Sep 26: Sets and Union-Find.
    Reading assignment: GT section 4.2.

  • Tue, Sep 24: Introspective sort, optimal sorting, more on priority queues.
    Reading assignment: GT section 4.4, 320/sort/introspectiveSort.h

  • Thu, Sep 19: Heap sort.
    Reading assignment: GT section 2.4

  • Tue, Sep 17: Quick sort.
    Reading assignment: GT sections 4.3.
    Homework assignment: problem set #1.

  • Thu, Sep 12: Merge sort.
    Reading assignment: GT sections 2.4, 4.1.

  • Tue, Sep 10: Lower bound for comparisons used by max_min algorithms. Insertion sort.
    Reading assignment: GT sections 2.3, 4.1.
    Handout: insertionSort.cc.

  • Thu, Sep 5: Intro. Max, 2nd-largest, Max&Min.
    Scanning assignment: GT pages [1..94)
    Handout: syllabus.