CISC 879 Software Testing and Maintenance
Preclass Discussion Preparation (PDP) Form - Format 1

Each week, we will be reading and discussing 2 papers. Even if you are not one of the teachers/leaders for that week, you are expected to have read the papers before coming to the class meetings.

To evaluate your effort and to encourage more active classroom discussion on the reading requirement for this course, you are required to bring with you to class a completed PDP form and submit it to the instructor BEFORE the start of that class meeting. You are REQUIRED to prepare one of these for at least one paper (classtime) each week. This exercise also helps you to learn how to focus your active reading, and write critiques of other people's work. Your completion of the PDP form should demonstrate that you have put appropriate effort into understanding the paper's goals, approaches, results, limitations, and conclusions. We will be using this Format 1 for the first part of the semester.


Statement of the Problem/Goals:
In one sentence in your own words, state succinctly the overall open research problem or question being addressed in this paper.

What particular goals do these researchers have in addressing this problem? For example, what requirements have they set for themselves in solving the problem? What contribution are they seeking to make to the state-of-the-art?

Technical Approach:
In a few sentences in your own words, what is the novel insight of this group's approach to tackling the stated problem? What is their overall approach/strategy to solving the problem?

How did the researchers evaluate their efforts? What evaluation questions did they seek to answer, and what kind of experimental setup did you design to answer those questions?

What conclusions did they draw from their evaluation results?

Given the evaluation results, what application/useful benefit/impact do the researchers/you see for this work?

What limitations do the researchers mention with their approach?

What additional limitations do you think might also occur?

Write one interesting open question or possible new research direction with regard to this paper beyond content understanding.