Evaluation of Presentation

Name of Presenter:

Instructions: Your evaluation should provide constructive feedback to the presenter
to help them improve their presentation skills.
of the presentation. The content, organization, and delivery should all be considered.
Please provide comments that justify your scores for each area.
Aspect Evaluation - Circle most appropriate score.
Content 1-mostly content-free
2-some, but little content
3-reasonable, average
4-very good, above average
5-excellent, learned alot

Organization 1-couldn't follow much
2-got lost often
3-reasonable, average
4-well organized, above average
5-excellent, one of the best organized presentations

Delivery 1-terrible; need considerable work
2-needed a lot more practice
3-reasonable, average, but not smooth
4-very good above average, minor problems
5-truly exceptional, an excellent delivery

Answering Questions 1-unable to answer any questions
2-could not answer most questions
3-could answer basic quetsions
4-answered almost all questions
5-able to answer questions requiring
thorough knowledge of reading with independent thoughts

Overall Quality 1-terrible
2-needed a lot more work
3-reasonable, average
4-very good, above average
5-truly exceptional, excellent presentation
BEST ASPECT What was the best aspect of this presentation?

COULD IMPROVE What could be improved?