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Welcome to my webpage.
Here is a short bio about myself:

I am a PhD student at University of Delaware working under supervision of Professor Guang R. Gao and Professor Stéphane Zuckerman. I started the PhD program on Fall 2013 and I have worked on memory models and fine-grain resource management for extreme-scale since then.

Before starting the PhD. program at university of Delaware, I earned my B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Isfahan in my home city Isfahan, Iran. After graduation, I started teaching Digital Electronics, Digital Design and Computer Systems Architecture at Safahn University and University of Isfahan where I developed the course curriculum and monitored progress of more than 150 undergraduate students. In addition to that, and in collaboration with friends from my graduating class, I started Pouyana, a tech startup that focused on CCTV monitoring systems and network infrastructures. After four years of professional experience in Computer Science, I decided to pursue my graduate studies in Computer Engineering to improve my academic knowledge of this field.

Building on my background in Electronics and Computer Engineering, I am currently expanding my knowledge in areas of Memory models and fine-grain resource management for extreme-scale. More information on my areas of research and academic interests can be found on my CV.


Things I have learned and enjoy doing in a nutshell:

  • C/C++
  • pThreads
    MPI *
    Cuda *
  • GIT
    Tortoise SVN
  • Cache Coherence Protocols
    Memory Consistency Models
    Fault Tolerant Systems
    Computer Architecture
    Machine Learning techniques for System Optimizations **
  • Micorsoft Windows Family
    Microsoft Office
  • GNU-Linux Native
    GNU Radio
  • Soccer
(*) limited experience.
(**) Curently studying/working on it.


A few of projects I have been working on recently:

LC Cache : A new Cache Protocol

While vendors are mostly relying on classic coherence protocols like MOESI and MESIF, these models lack addressing atomic accesses. We also beleive that maintaining coherence will soon be a luxury to afford. We are taking two approaches; First, simulating the protocol and comparing it with the current coherent protocols and second, implementing Virtual Caches on scratch pads in Parallella board.

Toward a Self-aware Codelet model

To address resource management issues at extreem scale, we studied the idea of combining self-awareness and Codelet Model. We decided to use an ODA loop and create a hierarchical and distributed self-aware system.

Measurement of Memory Hierarchy Parameters

Developed benchmarks to measures parameters of cache like latency, capacity, associativity for various levels of cache using hardware counters through PAPI. Evaluated results on three platforms for correctness.

Contact Me

For more information, feel free to contact me either by using the following form or through my academic email.