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Building Thermography Practitioners Needed for Design Study involving New Sensor Technologies.

Do you perform professional energy audits of buildings? Do you use a thermal camera while doing so? Help University of Maryland researchers explore the use of new sensor technologies to document and analyze energy efficiency issues in buildings!

We are looking for experienced energy auditors, facilities managers, and building inspectors to participate in a study of new thermographic data collection and analysis tool to support building energy audits. Study sessions are expected to last approximately 1 - 1.5 hours and include a short demographic survey as well as a semi-structured interview about your professional experiences assessing buildings. Some example questions we might ask include:

  • How are thermographic assessments performed and how useful is this data?
  • What tools are used to collect and analyze energy audit and thermographic data?
  • What are the primary challenges in performing energy audits and using thermography?

Following the interview portion of the session, we will present and ask you to review several thermographic tools we have developed in our lab for supporting energy audits. Sessions will be conducted in-person and can be held in your home, business, or at another location of your choice in the DC metro area; participants will be reimbursed with $40 for their time.

All participants must be 18 years of age or older and be active or formerly active building thermographers, facilities managers, or building inspectors with hands-on thermography experience. Apart from these restrictions, we encourage people of all genders and ethnicities to participate.

To volunteer as a participant in this study, please complete the following eligibility questionnaire:

If you have any questions, please email Matthew Mauriello ( Feel free to take a look at our research lab's website to find out more about our research program: Please also feel free to redistribute this posting.


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