How to build new PARSE clocks

Here is an attempt to sketch out what you need to do in order to add another clock to the parse driver: Currently the implementation is being cleaned up - so not all information in here is completely correct. Refer to the included code where in doubt.

Last update: 13-Oct-2010 00:33 UTC


What to do:

Make a conversion module (libparse/clk_*.c)

  1. What ist the time code format ?
  2. TTY setup and initialisation/configuration will be done in ntpd/refclock_parse.c.

Well, this is very sketchy, i know. But I hope it helps a little bit. The best way is to look which clock comes closest to your and tweak that code.

Two sorts of clocks are used with parse. Clocks that automatically send their time code (once a second) do not need entries in the poll routines because they send the data all the time. The second sort are the clocks that need a command sent to them in order to reply with a time code (like the Trimble clock).

For questions:

Please include an exact description on how your clock works. (initialisation, TTY modes, strings to be sent to it, responses received from the clock).