Command Line Options

Following is a list of recognized command line options. Note that, in the case of multiple options, they should be in the order -r, -c, -m, -o, -g, -d, -k, -a and -f.

-r name
Select the radio with identifier name. See above for a list of radio names and modes currently supported.
-c channel
Select the memory channel channel and set the radio frequency, mode and offset to its contents.
-m mode
Set the radio mode to mode. See above for a list of mode names valid for various radios. The mode names are specific to each radio type; not all radios support the same modes.
-o offset
Set the frequency offset for the following -g option to offset kHz.
-g frequency
Set the radio frequency to frequency in MHz if less than 1000 and in kHz otherwise.
Display the current radio frequency, mode and offset. This is designed for use in shell scripts to confirm or log the results.
Begin program operation in keypad mode.
-f filename
Read commands from the file filename.
Enable the audio codec (Sun workstations only).