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RE: Looks Good

It appears that you're on all the time!  I'm glad we could get you all fired up 
over this!

Are you only archiving the mailing list server messages?  Believe me, I've got 
plenty more addressed to solely us; your implication came about 2 weeks into 
the search.

Don't sweat Haislett; it seems when Bob & Ernie tried to round folks up in 
1991 (they had plenty of time for it at work, the Digital Corporate group they 
were in was a cushy sort) Dave didn't want much to do with it either.  One 
person out of 31 so far is a great batting average!  Perhaps when the 
web page is up & running he'll come around.

I was all psyched when the folks started replying to the Spam I sent; now I'm 
lucky for 1  every couple of days.  I'm pondering doing a macro for the folks 
like Dave Anderson- 911 hits in 411.  I just don't have that kind of time to 
monkey manually!  The more unusual the name, the easier it is.


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Looks like the mail list server has people talking.  Will be interesting
to see what comes out of it.  If you go to
you can pull all the messages, as I
put them in an archive.

If you need help, let me know.


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