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RE: Project Delta...


That was Brian Cloud. I remember it, too. We went to that little municipal 
court building. I think the whole hearing lasted about three minutes, or am I 
just forgetting that part. 

Also, as far as elevator shaft art, I thought it was Smith Hall, and that it 
went all the way from 5 to SB. I can't remember with whom this was done, but we 
drew a spider at the top and then held the magic marker against the shaft wall 
as the elevator went down to SB. In the SB, we drew a poor little fly hanging 
from the thread that went all the way up to 5. Oh, to be a teenager again... 
what fun!

Regards for now,


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Bob, If my memory serves me (poorly mind you)  You, I and another
personw were walking one day. As we crossed a street, a van turned left
in front of us.  The third person with us slapped the van with his hand.
The driver jumped out, and assaulted him, while we watched.  I keep
thinking this guys name was Jeff, but I'm certainly not sure.  We then
walked to the Newark police and filed a report, even testified in front
of a judge.  

Do you remember who that third person was?

Are you the right Bob?

Am I senile yet?