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unofficial history

Howdy Alan,

I just reformatted & printed the revised history.  I have to admit to not 
having read it yet, but I won't keep quiet about the revisions (if I don't like 
them, that is!).  I did peruse the new forward, I especially liked  the  
"capturing a moment" bit.  (I wondered why Bob used to like Gennie Ale so much!)

We use word 7.0 too so any future revisions can just be a word doc.

Bob & Ernie (Perez) are at the Trenton Computer Fest selling "basement 
collectibles", I saw a 300 baud modem in Bob's stuff.  Ernie is doing well.  He 
& Joyce divorced 3 years ago or so.  Ernie Jr. is just about 16 (taller 
than his old man too), Chris (14) & Amanda (13) finish off the pack.  If I 
remember I'll ask Ernie about the appendix... he's just the type to still have 
it (packrat with a big house).

I've found 2 more:

Jim Stallings  jim@mcws.net
Dave Wiley dave_wiley@amrcorp.com 
(I sent mail to SABRE... thanks for the tip.)