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RE: Project DELTA...

Howdy Alan,

I'd sent mail to Bruce via bellcore, no reply so far.

I've sent mail to Walt Mahla, mass.usr.com was bounced back to me- unknown 
user.  I've tracked a Walter Mahla at US robotics (a subsidiary of 3m), but all 
variations of addresses- mahla@3com.com, wmahla@3com.com, etc., have bounced 
back to me.  I think Walt is going to be on the long list of people we call on 
the phone.

Tom's omission was quite by accident... he's on my master "messy list".  I've 
found no e-mail address  for him at:   http://www.four11.com/  but have found 8 
address/phone at:  http://2
;calc_total=0  I think he'll be on that phone list too!


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Can only make a couple of additions to your list:

--Bruce Siegell's e-mail address, I am told on good authority, is
bss@bellcore.com (this from his parents via mine).
--I don't know if you've tried to find Walt Mahla, but this entry from
AltaVista looks promising (the middle initial is correct and the fact that
there's an e-mail address is also a good sign):

* Mahla, Walter G 
  55 Comstock Dr., Wrentham, MA 02093 
  Phone: (508)883-2699 Email: wmahla@mass-usr.com 

--I notice that your list does not include Tom Epp. He was living in Boston
10 years ago (according to a friend of his whom I met in a bar there then),
but that's all the information I have.