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RE: Project DELTA...

>While CHOICES was the main concern of many DELTA people, Tony was 
>developing a program for Dr. Pete Idstein of the New Castle County 
>School District.  Called SIS (for Student Information System), the 
>program was in (*** WORDS MISSING HERE? *** ) Richmond, Virginia.  Also,
the budget crunch was making 
>itself felt earlier than ever.  Instead of increasing everyone's hours 
>for the summer (as was customary), everyone was told to work only the 
>same number of hours they had been working

Howdy Alan,

Yes, I thought something was missing. "Richmond, VA" was the start of a new 
page.  I think the story flows without that paragraph, but you're the 
We've been finding people through the internet.  Alta Vista search engine is 
superb for finding folks!  People with unusual names (like Flippen) are a 
cinch.  For more common names one sends e-mail to anyone with the same name.  I 
think this project started when Rugrat Thomson e-mailed Bob, asking if a 
picture on the DRA website was Ernie Perez (it was).  

The document came without an appendix.  All I've got is that printout & 1 
paystub dating 8/79.  Bob compiled a list of 87 names  compiled in 1990 or so.  
I know is not complete; Teresa Green & Clark Baker have given names not 
supplied on the 1990 list.

I may have located Bruce Siegell at 

bss@cs.cmu.edu (sent 4/10)
BSS+@N3.SP.CS.CMU.EDU(sent 4/1)

I've sent e-mail to him but he hasn't  replied yet. The addresses seem to be of 
the same person, but we don't know if it is he (or how old they are).  There's 
a grainy pic on the webpage.  Nothing has turned up on Dave Wiley.  We have a 
list of 87 names.  Of  e-mail sent, 27 have replied.  I'll send you the list if 
you'd like.