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RE: Project Delta

Hi Clark,

Thanks for the nice reply. I got involved in Delta in 1977 shortly after the 
11/50 was put into service. I very much enjoyed reading what you wrote about 
the early days. Like you, I strongly believe that I owe my success in the 
computer business to the start that I got at Delta. I think it is that belief 
that is motivating me to try to preserve Delta's rich history before it is all 
lost forever. 

My involvement in Delta started with an 11th grade computer programming class. 
I quickly discovered that the Delta system was more than just a great machine 
for writing programs that generate prime numbers. In the summer of 1978, I 
attended a series of programming seminars conducted by Ed Boas (Teresa Green's 
successor at Delta). Next thing I knew, I was helping to rewrite CUSPs and 
contributing to other Delta programming projects. You make a good point: the 
Delta philosophy of getting the students involved in all aspects of running 
things was and still is truly unique.

In school, I was an academic failure. My parents thought for sure that I would 
wind up being a ditch digger. But my Delta experience enabled be to jump right 
into a real computer job. Today, I'm working for DEC in Philadelphia doing 
various flavors of software consulting. None of this would have occurred if not 
for Delta.

I have contacted many Delta alumni in the last few weeks. They all have great 
stories to tell and memories to share. I am looking forward to compiling them 
for all to enjoy. By the way, you'll be happy to hear that Teresa Green is 
doing well. After leaving U of D in 1977, she worked at Lincoln University 
until retiring in 1988. She can be reached at teresagree@aol.com . I'm sure she 
would enjoy hearing from you! 

Please keep in touch... regards for now...

Bob Mader
910 S. Bodine St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19147