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RE: Project DELTA...

Hi Alan,

Well, I did not have an electronic copy of the "Unofficial History," but I did 
have a hardcopy. So my wife Cecelia (who is faster typist than me) transcribed 
it verbatim. There might be some typos. So here it is.

Hopefully, you will find it to be libel free. I'm sure this will bring back 
some fun memories! Some people might think it's a little on the negative side, 
but I think it's worth including in the folklore/mischief category of the 
complete history of Delta. I certainly intend to publish other stories that 
shed Delta in the vastly positive light it deserves. Delta was responsible for 
the success of countless students. If it were not for the push to get the 
timesharing terminals into all the high schools and the philosophy of getting 
the students involved in running the system, this would not have happened. 

Anyway, let me know what you think. Edit what you need to keep from getting 
sued, but try to keep it intact as much possible. If you care to, you might 
like to write an introduction that puts it in the appropriate historical 

Hope to hear from you again soon... regards for now!



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