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RE: Project DELTA

I ogled the web site... Great!  I love the search engine page.  I think you 
forgot one we use a great deal; http://www.ualr.edu/~hamradio
/callsign.html Also, if I may criticize, it's DEC- Digital Equipment Corp. 
that does Alta Vista.  Due to the impending takeover by compac, we're testy 
about our identity, or future lack thereof!

I'm not sure how much longer our web page is welcome at UDEL... I must admit to 
thinking it's a groovy idea to have the DELTA site at UDEL.


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From:	Jim Stallings [SMTP:jim@mcws.net]
Sent:	Monday, April 20, 1998 5:19 PM
To:	Bob & Cecelia
Subject:	Re: Project DELTA

Think we really need to get together to remember the stories that we want to and
not want to sell!  Do you have a place to host the site?  If not, I can stick it
on deltos.mcws.net and give you all telnet and ftp accounts. Let me know.

I will read the history...  or should I....

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> Nope, this is not in the history.  It came from this mail message:
> No personal web site.  It's enough to do the DRA.  I think there's a
> pic of Bob in there holding the ladder in the article "the 10
> commandments of electronics (or electricity??)
> Here's the unofficial history, revised for 1998 "PC" standards.  When
> the DELTA web site gets going it'll be in there.  I'd be interested in
> knowing what you thought... so far, only Alan, Bob & I have read it
> (within the last 20 years, that is).
> A quick search for your uncle shows he's not a current member of the
> DRA, but that doesn't mean one of us hasn't met him.
> Any stories you can tell of the time at DELTA?  Remember, anything you
> tell us will be held against you, & printed in the web site.
> Cecelia
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> Subject: Re: unofficial history
> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 09:40:16 -0400
> From: Alan Flippen <flippen@nytimes.com>
> To: Bob & Cecelia <n3lym@amsat.org>
> Hi,
> Nice to hear from you again. Yes, by all means, feel free to argue with me
> about any of the changes, if you think there's stuff that really should be
> left in there. I always like to get feedback. The one thing I would note is
> that softening my tone on the subject of Ed Jones is not a new idea; I
> decided within a few months of writing this that I had been too hard on 
> He was far from perfect as an administrator/manager, but he did the best he
> could given that his immediate bosses were difficult to work with.
> Have you located Ed Jones yet? What's he doing? I've seen him only once
> since Ernie's wedding (he organized a canoeing trip on the upper Delaware
> for several ex-Deltoids round about '82 or '83). And thanks for the update
> on Ernie; I was wondering whether he and Joyce had lasted.
> This whole episode keeps bringing back memories of things that never made 
> into the "unofficial history." E.g. the weekday during the summer while we
> were in 011, when Jim Stallings went to the Deer Park and bought us all a
> bunch of beer, which we poured into empty Coke cans and drank right under
> the noses of Boas and Uffelman (Stallings even offered Uffelman a sip of 
> "Coke", causing the rest of us to nearly die stifling our laughter). Or the
> time when Rich Thomson discovered the Stanford Glossary of Hacker Jargon (I
> think he downloaded it over the pre-Internet) and made us all start using
> words like "crufty" and "foo." (Oddly enough, I discovered recently that 
> Jargon Glossary, much updated, is now available on the Web. I went and
> looked at it and discovered that the PDP-11 is now considered one of the
> legendary hacker machines and those who knew how to hack it are minor
> celebrities in that world.)
> Ah, memories ...
> Cheers,
> Alan
> At 01:23 PM 4/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Howdy Alan,
> >
> >I just reformatted & printed the revised history.  I have to admit 
> >not having read it yet, but I won't keep quiet about the revisions