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RE: The list

Ah, yes Brian Cloud.  I sent him the email list so he wouldn't feel left out.  
I sometimes forget how sensitive he is about things... of course I should have 
sent him my "is this you" spam; even if I knew exactly where he was.


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Derik Desarian Thoth wrote:

> Jim,
> What the hell are you doing on line at 8PM ... you're going to turn out to 
be computer bum like Ron Resior. ( Ed should be in tears by now )

You will see me on-line at all times of the day.  I actually work on the net 
and make some money from it, without SPAM.Why is Eddy boy
crying???  Cause I FOUND HIM?

> Yeah, Bob didn't ask me for my permission to distribute my address. You 
live in VA right, that's interstate trafficking isn't it?
> I wonder why I didn't get the list or find out about the project from Bob 
... maybe he's mad at me? <smile>

You really should call the interglobal internet security patrol and report him!

> Okay don't repeat it but I'm glad to here from you too ... <smile>

Yea Right!  What are you on?

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