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RE: Ed Boas

Yada, yada, yada...

I think I may have found Ed Boas; he hasn't replied yet, but I only sent it 
yesterday.  Ernie knows he's on the eastern shore of MD., but I'd rather 
correspond via email...

How goes it?  Still working in Center City?  I think a neighbor just started at 
the same outfit.

Only a privileged few have gotten a peek at the unofficial history....


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	Longtime , glad to here your doing okay. How's the ISP biz going for 
you? Didn't I see OnRamp
listed as part of a recent acquisition?  Anyway, take care.

Yeah, Ed Boas was a project manager or something <smile>

Bob & Cecelia,

You wrote back ... my heart soars like the eagle.

Brian B. Cloud

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Here's a patch for your list: Ron Cox writes:


Yes I worked at Project Delta during my undergraduate years
at the Univ. of Delaware in the mid to late 70's.  (Boy that was
a long time ago!).  I have lived in Colorado since graduation in '80.
Worked many years as a developer and manager at Bell Labs, Amdahl,
and US West.  Left corporate life in '95 and started an ISP in 
That's where I am now.  Would love to hear where the other folks from
Project Delta are.  The only name I remember is Ed Boas.  I think he 
was like a project manager or something.

Look forward to hearing back.

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