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Project DELTAalumni list

Hey Ron,

We're sending this out to round up the guilty.  I can send you out a updated 
alumni list, as well as an Alan Flippen "Unofficial History", written 1980, if 
you'd like.


Is this the same <name> who once who worked at Project Delta?
If that's you, please respond with what you've been up to and your
current vital stats. I'm trying to update the Delta alumni list. I'm
also hoping to put together a Project Delta alumni web page including
various pictures and writings as well as a PDP-11 emulator running
RSTS/E. If you still have any Delta memorabilia, pictures, or backup
tapes (I can read them!), please let me know!  If you know of any deltoid 
e-mail addresses send them along!


Bob Mader [1,50]