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RE: History Speaks, Volume 84: Bob Mader

Hi Rich, 

Thanks for the reply. The response to my spamming initiative has had me quite 
overwhelmed. I've gotten in touch with many Deltoids and have gathered quite a 
number of nice stories about those good old days. Teresa Green is still alive 
and well... She was able help fill in the history of the founding of Delta and 
the early years. It's really amazing what Delta was able to do at that time. 
The notion that somebody would fund this really expensive computer system and 
then let a bunch of high school kids loose on the thing. Teresa Green pushed 
hard to make sure that Delta would be run by the students (a radical view both 
then and now). 

Also have a lengthy unofficial history of the final years from Alan Flippen 
(sending it to you in a separate msg). His story and a few others tell of the 
more mischievous side that many Deltoids remember fondly. There are several 
stories of how "so and so" breached system security and a week later, was made 
a privileged staff member. What an experience. But it's amazing to see how that 
environment led to the many successful and happy lives of all the Deltoids I 
have heard from. I think most of us have finally grown up!

Anyway, I'll have it all compiled in the Delta web site. Hopefully, we'll be 
able to recover some actual files from that time. Remember all those GRIPES and 
MESSAG.TXT's. And how about the ASCII art library? Anyway, here's the list of 
folks as of this date. Let me know of anyone we may have missed!

Glad to hear you are doing well!  Regards for now...




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Cool, here's my address:
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) [deleted]

I did turn up a home page for Tom Conte and Eric Thayer, but the URLs
are at home.  (I'm here at the office putting in some time on a pet

As for the history thing, if it doesn't scan well, you can just
photocopy and mail it to me :)
                                               Rich Thomson