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RE: RE: Project Delta

Hi Marshall,

I'm now corresponding with so many Delta folks that I'm having trouble keeping 
up! I hear from Teresa that you may have written a "Story of Delta." If you can 
find it, I would definitely be interested reading it, and if I had your 
permission, publishing it on the planned web site. Think you can find it?

The story about the meetings at your house sound great. I certainly know the 
area where you are. I grew up in a little development around Wilson and 
Shipley.  I'm also the Secretary and Newsletter editor of a non-profit ham 
radio association with a PO Box at the Rockland post office, right down the 
hill from the Duppie CC. Small world, eh?

What I am doing in computers these days? Well, I guess I have the dream job of 
every Deltiod: I'm a DEC employee for just shy of 10 years now. My job is that 
of software consulting for different Digital customers. Right now, I'm working 
at Computer Sciences Corp. doing Unix systems integration related to a big 
government contract that they are doing. Prior to the CSC gig, I was on a three 
year project computerizing the Philadelphia Jail System... THAT was a freak 

I was lucky enough to escape the all layoffs that Digital went through in the 
early 90's. Unfortunately, many of the other Delta folks who once worked at 
Digital were not so lucky. Around 1990, there were at least eleven former Delta 
people working at Digital; today, I know of only three including myself. It 
will be interesting to see how things go after the Digital/Compaq merger 
occurs. Mostly, I'm looking forward to the merger, because I think it's going 
to be good from a business/marketing point of view. However, I can't help but 
feel a little concerned that some of the unique Digital culture will be lost in 
the process. We'll see.

I did get a brief e-mail from George Robbins. Not sure where he's living or 
what he's up to. Maybe you can find out! His address is 

Well, have a safe trip up to Cape Cod... let me know when you get back down 
this way and maybe we can get together. Give my best to C&E.

Regards for now...