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RE: Project DELTA

Hi George,

Yes, I had to resort to a little spamming, but I found you. I also found 
someone else who claims to be you (see attached message). Maybe we should 
cancel his account!

Thanks for David Corbishley's address. I thought Tony Eros and I were the only 
Deltoids left at Digital after all the layoffs in the early 90's. Before all 
the layoffs, there were no less than eleven former Delta people employed by DEC.

So Marshall Baker (Clark and Ed's dad) says "you marched to a different
drummer -- didn't graduate from HS 'cause you refused Phys Ed." Any truth to 

So let me know where you are living these days and what you are up to with your 

Regards for now...

Bob Mader

PS... Here is the message from the "other" George Robbins of Delta... pretty 
cute, eh?

Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 03:59:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: George Robbins <specialpuss@rocketmail.com>
Subject: Re: Project DELTA
To: Bob & Cecelia <n3lym@amsat.org>

     It's amazing that I heard from you today. I was
just thinking about you guys last week. Those were
some "memorable" times, weren't they? So, what have
you been up to since our DELTA days? You're with
Cecelia now? You never know, do you? I'd love to hear
from you again soon. 
                                       George Robbins