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RE: Project Delta

Hi Marshall,

Clark's e-mail was great, wasn't it. Clark was involved in Delta a few years 
before me and it was interesting to get a glimpse of some of the early Delta 
history. I've actually heard from many other Delta folks, some who are long 
lost friends, and some, like your sons, who I have never actually met. It's 
been a great deal of fun to hear their stories and memories from that time.

This effort all got started when I received an e-mail from Rich Thomson, 
another Delta alumni and an old friend. He said, hey, we should have a Delta 
reunion. I started trying to track down folks, and then my wife started 
tracking down folks, and then all the great memories... it's just mushroomed... 

Like Clark, I owe all my success in the computer business to the opportunities 
opened up to for me by Delta. The Delta experience really changed my life. I 
feel a great debt of gratitude to an organization that has long since been 
forgotten and I am hoping to preserve some of that Delta history before it is 
all lost forever. 

Anyway, we live in South Philadelphia. If you are nearby, I'd love to get 
together and see what kind of great stuff you have in those attic files. 

Hope to hear from you again soon... regards for now...

Bob (and Cecelia) Mader
910 S. Bodine St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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Hi Bob and Cecelia!
    I'm Clark and Ed's dad and just received a copy of Clark's reply to your
Project Delta questions.
     I have some old files that may be of interest to you.  Where are you
located and how did this project get started?
     Marshall E. Baker