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RE: History Speaks, Volume 84: Bob Mader


Yes, that's Ernie! And that's me at the bottom of the ladder at 
http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~dra/commandments.html (2nd from the left). So 
what are you up to these days? Are you coming back east to do the big 
delta reunion? We can have it at Ernie's house!

I'm still with Digital (soon to be Compaq). I'm basically a Unix consultant 
doing various long term contracts for which Digital gets to invoice the big 
$'s. Right now, I'm working at CSC (almost soon to be CA) helping them cope 
with this big DoD project. It's creepy! Before that, I spent three years on a 
project computerizing the City of Philadelphia jails. *That* was an education! 

The "Delta list" hasn't been given any attention in many years. I should do it 
again. I'm sure Ernie can help with finding lots of folks. And, I'm assuming 
from your surfing to the DRA page, that you have also been doing a little 
research. Let me know if you have anybody for the list. I'll have to dig up the 
old list and start a Delta web page. Also have Alan Flippen's Unofficial 
History of Delta... great reading!

Regards for now...


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Hey Bob, what the f#@% is up, dude? :)

It occurred to me we should have a 20 yr. reunion of the deltoids.

What say ye?
				-- Rich

PS: Is that Ernie Perez in <http://www.eecis.udel.ed
					    Rich Thomson