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RE: History Speaks, Volume 84: Bob Mader

Very good on the synopsis... here are some of our vital stats...

Been married now for 9 years to Cecelia. We have four cats (My Friend, Sharpie, 
Spiro, and Simqu). Own rowhouse in South Philly. Hobbies (other than the 
obvious)... ham radio, brewing beer, working on the house. Address for sending 
postcards from tropical resorts: 910 S. Bodine St., Phila, PA 19147. Phone 
number is 215-336-1117... call us when you are in the area... 

We've gotta do the reunion. Let me know who else you dig in your surfing. I'll 
have to scan in the history paper. It's about 20 pages of tiny print. 


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Synopsis of recent personal history:
Took a week vacation to Tahiti, spoke gobs of French, ate lots of awesome
food, snorkeled in awesome waters, generally soaked in the island life
and decided that a tropical clime is definately in my future.

I bought a house, now have 3 kitty-cats (peaches, tiny and mischief).
I'm just working the same old grind (writing software), but now I'm
operating with a long-term plan that will result in financial
independence. Yahoo!  :)

Yeah, I surfed around a little looking for people and turned up your
baby mug!  At home I have a web page I made that I'll mail ya from my
personal account.  I think 20 years is just about the right time for a

I don't think I've seen this "History" by Alan you refer to; can ya
mail it to me?
                                               Rich Thomson