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RE: Project DELTA...

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the update. The alumni list is coming together. You mentioned you 
were still in touch with Tom Hartmann? I lost track of him after he went to 
Russia. Anyway, how can I reach him? 

I've been married to Cecelia now for a little over nine years. No kids/4 cats. 
Been working at Digital for about 10. Current job is Unix consulting... not 
sure what my job will be after Compaq buys us, but I'm not concerned. Still in 
touch with Ernie, although he is no longer with Digital. Also in touch with 
Tony Eros who has become quite the computer historical preservationist. I would 
be, too, but my basement isn't big enough. 

Also, we're thinking of making a Delta alumni web page. May I have your 
permission to post the "Unofficial History of Project Delta." Also looking for 
any other Delta memorabilia, photos, or backup tapes (I can read them!).

Bob and Cecelia Mader
910 S. Bodine St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147