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RE: Project Delta...

Could you supply the last known email address or company worked for the bakers 
& Teresa Green?  

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> Hi,
> Is this the Dan Grim who worked at Project Delta? If that's you, please 
> respond with what you've been up to and your current vital stats. I'm 
> trying to update the Delta alumni list. I'm also hoping to put together 
> a Project Delta alumni web page including various pictures and writings 
> as well as a PDP-11 emulator running RSTS/E. If you still have any 
> Delta memorabilia, pictures, or backup tapes, please let me know!
> Regards,
> Bob Mader [1,50]


	Yes, I am the same Dan Grim who was involved with Project Delta
lo those many years ago...  I am still at the University of Delaware (as
my email address would imply).  I am Executive Director of Network and
Systems Services, one unit of the Information Technologies group.  My
boss is the Vice President for Information Technologies, Susan Foster.
I hear from Teresa Green now and then.  I don't believe that I have much
Project Delta memorabilia.  I do hear from some other Delta Amums now
and then (Clark and Ed Baker, mostly through their parents Dorothy and
Marshall, Aron Insinga, etc.)  Dave Robinson has retired and moved to
the Florida Keys.  His wife Dorie died a few years ago (before he decided
to retire).  I hear he is about to marry again.