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RE: Project DELTA

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for the reply. I got involved in Delta shortly after you had left. I was 
in 11th grade at the time. I continued to hang around Delta working on various 
CUSPs and some other projects. I was actually on the payroll for a brief time 
in the summer of 1979. In 1980, I got a real (and higher paying) job and lost 
touch with Delta. 

In high school, I was a very poor student and really wasn't at all focused on 
what I was going to do with my life. My experience at Delta enabled me to get 
started in the computer business without the benefit of a college degree (not 
that I'm proud of my academic failure). I look back fondly on the Delta days 
not only because I had lots of fun, but also because Delta enabled me to get my 
act together in a way that nothing else had. Today, I'm working at DEC, which 
had always been my dream job after getting involved in Delta. Delta truly 
changed my life.

And my story is typical of many Delta alumni. Before all the layoffs at Digital 
in the early 90's, there were no less than ten Deltoids employed by DEC. Other 
Delta folks that I have rediscovered in my research are at IBM, Apple, Oracle, 
Microsoft, NeXT, NASA, and other high tech firms, not to mention all those who 
have settled into cozy jobs in academia. It's truly staggering to see what all 
these folks have done and to hear their stories. 

So, what I am hoping to do is gather as much Delta history as I can before it 
is all lost forever. My intention is to publish a little web site that will 
serve to preserve Delta's rich history. I must confess that I have not 
uncovered very much regarding the early years of Delta (prior to 1977). Any 
help would be greatly appreciated. So, just what do you have up there in the 

Regards for now...

Bob Mader

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Yes I am, but who are you? Don't recognize your name as any of the "guys or
gals" who worked for & with me. I left U Del in '77, went to Lincoln U in a
computer management capacity. Retired in '88.  Doing volunteer work to make
myself useful to society & am getting old. Have a box of "stuff" in my 
attic &
a mind full of memories. Gave some memorabelia to several of the "boys" -(now
very mature adults!) when they left for college. Can advise you if
Teresa Green